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Reimagining Our Social Contract: The Safety Net Is Social Insurance for All Americans

From the Center for American Progress (http://www.americanprogress.org): Posted at http://www.americanprogress.org/issues/poverty/news/2014/08/11/95373/reimagining-our-social-contract-the-safety-net-is-social-insurance-for-all-americans/ SOURCE: AP/Eric Risberg: Steve Bosshard hands over a specially prepared box of food to Gordon Hanson at a food bank distribution in Petaluma, California, in January. Every year, the Bureau … Continue reading

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The Need for SNAP is a Circumstance, Not a Value Judgment

(The Washington Post, July 8, 2014) Darlene Cunha found herself applying for SNAP, WIC and Medicaid after she was affected by the Recession and the housing market crash, which drastically reduced the value of the home she and her husband … Continue reading

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Faith Education Resources on Head Start and WIC

From the Ecumenical Poverty Initiative (http://www.faithendpoverty.org/): In the wake of the government shutdown we are reminded of how easy it is for those in poverty to get left out the budgeting process. Already, children participating in Head Start and the … Continue reading

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Sign Petition to Congress and the President: Put the Needs of “the Least of These” First in the Budget and Deficit Debate

From the National Council of Churches’ Poverty Initiative (http://www.nccendpoverty.org/index.html):   The following letter will be hand delivered to Congress and sent to the President. Find sign on information below.   As a person of faith committed to justice for all … Continue reading

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Urge Your Representative and House Leadership to Reject Bill that Endangers PA’s Most Vulnerable

Apologies for multiple alerts this week, but legislators need to hear from us today. This legislation is appalling—members of the General Assembly are abdicating their responsibility to ensure the welfare of all Pennsylvanians by handing over complete authority to one … Continue reading

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Help Secure the Safety Net for Children and Families

This action comes thanks to the efforts of Cathleen Palm at cpalm@theadvocatesagenda.com.   Add your name today to the sign on letter headed to the PA Congressional Delegation urging immediate extension of state fiscal relief, particularly the enhanced federal Medicaid … Continue reading

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