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3 Responses to Get Connected

  1. Ken Greiff says:

    I wonder if anybody is addressing what is perhaps the next frontier in the General Assistance problem. At least in Philly, I hear that the city is now acting to send people’s properties to sheriff’s sale because they cannot make payment arrangements on back taxes. To make payment arrangements, property owners must have an income. An income of $102.50/2 weeks would have sufficed, but the city won’t work with them if they have an income of $0, which of course now we have socially engineered them to have.

    By the way, I think similar problems may be keeping the zero-earners from making payment plans for the gas company, and who knows what else.


  2. s_strauss says:

    Ken, I’m going to suggest that you reach out to Michael Froehlich at Community Legal Services in Philadelphia. He has dedicated most of his time to dealing with General Assistance issues, and may be able to help or direct you to where you can find help.

  3. Ana Santoyo says:

    In honor of Dr. Martin Luther King and the Civil Rights Movement, Norristown residents, many of whom are undocumented (not ‘illegal’) immigrants, will host an outdoor vigil comprised of organizations and congregations committed to immigration reform that includes: an end to deportations; livable wages for ALL workers; changes in US policies that hurt the US economy and force migration; and a path to US citizenship for working class and poor.

    As house delegates return to DC the day of the vigil, this demonstration will reflect on Dr. Martin Luther King’s civil rights legacy. ‘We have a dream too.’ explains Carmen Guerrero a longtime community leader and member of recently approved JUNTOS committee in Norristown. “We come to Pennsylvania to make a better life for ourselves and our families. We work, pay taxes and make Pennsylvania’s economy stronger.”

    Mexican-American community volunteer, Ana Santoyo, is working to bring US and immigrant workers together to support immigration reform that provides a livable wage for all workers and changes US policies that hurt the US economy and create refugees and forced migration such as NAFTA, CAFTA, the War on Terror and Drugs. Furthermore, we should not allow our government to build a wall between Mexico and America. Our resources should be used to bolster opportunities in underpriveleged communities. Ms. Santoyo believes these are “essential components for successful, long-lasting immigration reform.”

    WHAT: Vigil for Immigration Reform with an End to Deportations

    WHERE: Parking Lot at 354 W Elm Street in Norristown, PA

    WHEN: Monday, September 9th, 6:00pm

    WHO: JUNTOS of Norristown and New Sanctuary Movement

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