Summer of 2011 Second Warmest on Record

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This past summer goes down as the second warmest on record in the United States according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration ( Average temperatures were 2.4 degrees Fahrenheit above average, behind only the Dust Bowl summer of 1936. It was also wet in the northeast, with Philadelphia and New York City breaking all-time August rainfall totals.


On the flip side Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma and New Mexico experienced intense drought. More than 80 percent of Texas is in the “exceptional” drought category of the U.S. Drought Monitor (,S), and the 172 historic wild fires that have developed over the past seven days have destroyed 135,051 acres and 1,023 homes. Many of the fires are not even close to being under control. The cost to fight wildfires in the state has surpassed $216 million since last November.

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