House Adjourns without Acting on Child Nutrition Reauthorization

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Congress adjourned without the House acting on child nutrition, meaning that it did not pass the Senate’s flawed bill that cut SNAP/Food Stamps. It’s anticipated that the House of Representatives will take up Child Nutrition Reauthorization in the Lame Duck session after the elections.


Your hard work has given Congress more time to find another way to pay for this bill and to keep our nutrition safety net strong. Our message has been clear: A good reauthorization bill can make the much-needed improvements to child nutrition programs without cutting SNAP benefits.


As we look to the weeks ahead, it will be important to continue to stay in touch with your Members of Congress. Thank House members for being willing to work for a better bill (find their contact information at We need to keep encouraging House members to fix the SNAP cut and pass a good child nutrition bill that isn’t funded by another nutrition program – they are both important priorities and there shouldn’t be a choice between them.


FRAC will e-mail you recommendations for District activities over the next few weeks. But we wanted to take a moment to recognize your efforts. You have been a voice for people struggling with hunger and poverty, and together we will get a strong child nutrition bill passed.

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