Congress Must Let the EPA Do Its Job for Clean Air—Act Now

From Union of Concerned Scientists ( and the Clean Air Council (


Advocates for strong climate change legislation were disappointed that the U.S. Senate punted on addressing global warming last year with comprehensive climate and energy legislation. Regardless, the U.S. EPA is poised to protect public health by addressing greenhouse gas emissions from big polluters. Unfortunately, some senators, with the backing of the coal, oil, and electric utility industries, are attempting to block the Environmental Protection Agency’s ability to do its job and limit global warming emissions. We must fight back against these attacks—it is way too late in the game for further delays on a clean, green American economy. Now is the time to move forwards, not backwards in protecting public health, cutting pollution, and moving to a clean energy future.


The Senate wisely rejected an attempt in June to block the EPA. But many of the biggest polluters are still hoping to roll back the Clean Air Act with more Dirty Air Act proposals that threaten public health and will keep the nation reliant on outdated, dirty energy technology.


Send a letter to our Senators TODAY urging them to vote against any action that would block or delay the EPA’s ability to regulate the nation’s biggest polluters—as people of faith, we are responsible for caring for the gift of creation.


Three ways to reach Pennsylvania’s Senators:


  • Directly—Send a message or call Senators Casey and Toomey. Find their contact information:

Senator Robert Casey:

Senator Pat Toomey: (202) 224-4254 (DC number–no website available yet)


If you use one of these tools, please personalize your message.


Thanks for taking action!

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