New Tools for Education Advocacy

From the Education Law Center (


Last month we launched SchoolVictories.orga new tool to help education advocates and organizers plan their school improvement work, share that work with other advocates and organizers, and get inspired. The site has begun with an emphasis on Pennsylvania advocates and organizers, but will soon include education advocates and organizers throughout the country.


To complement, we’ve launched PASchoolTalk.organ online forum where education advocates, organizers, and others can discuss, debate, and exchange ideas on improving schools in Pennsylvania.


Go ahead and start a discussion thread on education issues in the governor’s race; or ask a question about getting parents involved in school policy decisions.


Please give both new tools a try. It’s easy to get started and only takes a minute to join. If you have any questions and need help getting started, let us know.


We’ve been able to develop with generous support from the Ford Foundation and the William Penn Foundation, and we’ve been able to develop with generous support from the Fulfilling the Dream Fund and the William Penn Foundation.

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