Building One Pennsylvania: A Statewide Summit on Regional Opportunity

Pennsylvania’s manufacturing towns and older, suburban communities were once thriving, diverse and attractive places. But for many decades they have been victims of federal and state policies that have favored new suburban development at the expense of established communities. Our aging communities are now experiencing crumbling infrastructure, abandoned Main Streets, loss of jobs, struggling schools, and excessive tax burdens…while newer communities are at risk for unbalanced growth.


This situation has led a number of organizations* to join to convene a day-long summit:


Building One Pennsylvania

July 16, 2010, 10:00 a.m.-4:00 p.m.

Thaddeus Stevens College of Technology

750 E. King Street

Lancaster, PA

Fee (includes lunch): $15.00 (additional donations accepted)


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This summit is designed to:


  • give visibility during this critical election year to the common challenges faced by our communities; and
  • launch an organizing structure for advancing a state and federal policy agenda that will revitalize and strengthen Pennsylvania.

The summit will feature:


  • a gubernatorial forum to learn where the candidates stand on the challenges identified;
  • an opportunity to connect with and hear from other Pennsylvania public office holders (both state and federal);
  • national experts speaking to the issues of regional opportunity, land use policy, and municipal governance, including keynote speaker Myron Orfield (University of Minnesota Law School, non-resident senior fellow, the Brookings Institution; click on links for biographical information);
  • testimony from local community leaders;
  • opportunities to learn more about specific issues related to housing, transportation, economic development, land use, and many others; and
  • opportunities to connect with others in your region and around the state who share common concerns and an interest in better ways of addressing them.

Invited guests include:


  • incumbent elected officials and candidates (state and federal);
  • key representatives from federal agencies such as Housing and Urban Development and Transportation;
  • local and regional elected officials and policymakers; and
  • organizations and individuals with an interest in regional opportunities.

Broad goals include:


  • attendance by more than 500 community leaders from many different backgrounds;
  • building a statewide network of leaders that will support state and federal policies to strengthen Pennsylvania; and
  • creating an initial, living agenda that provides for ongoing development of constructive proposals and policies that fairly address the mutual concerns of summit participants.

*Convening organizations:


For more information, or to register on line, visit

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