Ban the Box Summit—August 1, St. Davids (Philadelphia)

All too often, the thousands of individuals released from incarceration each year struggle with the challenge of successful reentry into society. Faced with numerous barriers and collateral consequences which if not corrected; they will unfortunately minimize their ability to resume their lives as successful citizens, as well as promote their return to correctional institutions.

Increasing successful reentry means assisting returning citizens to acquire employment, housing, services such as mental health counseling, health care, substance abuse and other addiction treatments, as well as education, in addition to providing for any other support needed.

For this reason, the NAACP Pennsylvania State Conference and the NAACP National Criminal Justice Department in partnership with Concerned Citizen Melanic Caucus will hold a Ban the Box Summit in Pennsylvania, August 1, 2015, at Eastern University located at 1300 Eagle Road, St. Davids, PA (suburb of Philadelphia).

Registration will begin at 8:30 am. at no cost and with a minimal cost of $8.75 for meals at Eastern University.

With continuing confirmations being received specific agendas will be forthcoming as feasible; with the final agenda to be announced prior to the convening of the summit.

The purpose of the summit is to bring together major stakeholders as part of the conversation to address and help formulate a strategic plan as to how to realistically address the problem of providing employment, opportunities for returning citizens and thereby reduce the likelihood of recidivism. The summit will consist of panel discussions, facilitated breakout group discussions, and a comprehensive workshop conducted by the NAACP National Criminal Justice Department. As a major stakeholder, an array of public officials, faith leaders, community advocates, and returning citizens; as well as representatives from various organizations and businesses who have been invited to participate.

All discussions will focus on statewide ban the box reform for the 2016 legislative session and on engagement of businesses in Pennsylvania on removing “the question” from the initial job application phase.

The NAACP; and with the support of coalition partners; endeavors to continue it’s pursue to mission, by taking on this initiative to catapult redemption for those who have paid their debt to society and now want to move forward with purpose for their lives.

Don’t miss this opportunity to be a part of a collaborative effort to ban the box in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania as well as the opportunity to share your mission and goals as pertaining to your organization and/or involvement.  There will be exhibit and information booths made available, if you should wish to share materials and/or network with participating entities.

Please inform us of your intentions in attending as well if you should desire a booth.  You can contact CCMC by email at or call 484-753-2853.

Looking forward to your attendance and participation.

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