Loaves and Fishes Day of Action—March 20, National

Loaves FishesFriends—please consider what you can do around this day to make our elected officials stand up and take notice! If you hold an event in Pennsylvania, please share the details at s.strauss@pachurches.org.

Washington is in gridlock over the federal budget. Politicians are squabbling over taxes and spending cuts. Influencing the negotiations feels impossible, and yet the consequences of these budget decisions will deeply affect our communities, especially the most vulnerable among us. The faith community must raise its voice.

We know that “it doesn’t take a miracle” to pass a moral budget.

On March 20th, we’ll tell Congress.

On March 20, 2013, faith groups large and small from across the country will participate in a day of action to raise the voices of our communities and demand a moral budget that asks the wealthy to pay their fair share. Whether it’s a press conference outside your legislator’s office delivering a basket of loaves and fish, or a discussion in your congregation about federal budget priorities and social media push, you can help illustrate the miracle of the loaves and fishes to influence the budget debate in Washington.

Together, we will create a powerful narrative that Congress will not be able to ignore.

For more information, event ideas & suggestions, and a list of the resources that will be provided to you, look at the Loaves & Fishes Day of Action Community Information Sheet (http://library.constantcontact.com/download/get/file/1110058483584-44/Loaves+and+Fishes+Community+Information+Sheet_rev.pdf).

To get involved in these efforts, please email Meghan Blickman (mblickman@faithinpubliclife.org), Campaigns Coordinator for Faith in Public Life by Friday, March 1st.

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