News Posts—August 17, 2012

Here are news articles posted since the previous News and Action Summary:

HEMAP Emergency Mortgage Assistance is Back:

Fire in the Ashes—New Jonathan Kozol Book on Poor Children:

Longitudinal Study Finds 25 Percent of Kindergarteners Living in Households Below Poverty Line:

PA Loses More Than a Billion if “Ryan Budget” is Adopted:

If EITC was Good Enough for Four Decades of Presidents…Why is Pennsylvania Cutting it Now?

Just the Facts: Obama’s Welfare-to-Work Plan:

Millions Speak As One to Support Carbon Pollution Limits—76% of PA Small Businesses Support:

Chemical Industry Spent Almost $10 Million Against GMO Labeling:

Washington’s Wall Street Sugar Daddies:

Hottest. Month. Ever.

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