International Day of Peace—September 21 & related activities

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11 Days of Global Unity

The 11 Days of Global Unity is a way that people can be involved with this year’s global observance of the International Day of Peace.  Each of the 11 days has a theme, and most of these reflect the UN’s Millennium Develop Goals: Unity, Interdependence, Environment, Economic Justice, Health, Children & Youth, Women, Human Rights, Freedom, Disarmament, and the International Day of Peace.   The 11 Days ~ 11 Ways Campaign, features hundreds of events around the world by many organizations and their local affiliates.  This program is coordinated by We the World ( in cooperation with the United Religions Initiative (, the World Peace Prayer Society ( and Pathways To Peace (

The 11 Days of Global Unity aims at strengthening the ideals of unity and equality, diversity and oneness, harmony and compassion and, above all, at advancing the culture of peace, I welcome this remarkable initiative.            ~ Ambassador Anwarul K. Chowdhury, Former Under-Secretary-General and High Representative of the UN.

The Minute of Silence – Moment of Peace

This years’ “Minute of Silence – Moment of Peace” ceremonies will be held around the world, at 12 noon in all time zones”, from New Zealand to Honolulu. It will also be webcast on the new Culture of Peace Initiative “event page” platform for all to see (
In collaboration with Mayors for Peace (, as well as hundreds of NGOs and concerned citizens, this global “Peace Wave” will gather together many Peacebuilders wanting to celebrate “Peace Day”. This is one way that you can be a part of this worldwide effort for Peace. To stay informed, and/or to participate, please join us at for Minute of Silence – Moment of Peace, at noon on Peace Day.

International Day of Peace promotional video

Our promotional video ( for the International Day of Peace has been updated to reflect this year’s observance.  Feel free to circulate it in all forms of media to help do your part in this global observance.

The Culture of Peace Initiative serves as a truly integrative cooperative local/global Initiative, an open field for all participants to co-operate, share resources and ideas along diverse pathways subjectively and objectively that enhances the effectiveness of each participant, while simultaneously building a Culture of Peace that benefits All.” ~ Avon Mattison, Pathways To Peace.

Please post your events on the International Day of Peace website at There are already hundreds of events listed there.  People all over the planet rely on our website – and the event locator – to find out about all types of activities, all over the world – including yours. Thank you for your commitment and participation.

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