Act Now to Call for Real Health Care Reform

The time is now—we, as people of faith, need to join together and raise our voices for REAL health care reform NOW. Well-funded and orchestrated efforts by those who wish to defeat reform by shouting down reform advocates at town hall meetings and distribution of lies and misinformation on the Internet threaten to kill reform efforts. Failure to reform our health care system to extend comprehensive and affordable health care coverage to the approximately 50 million persons who are uninsured and provide reasonable coverage for millions more who are underinsured means that every day thousands of Americans will continue to lose their homes or go bankrupt due to health care crises, or worse, will die or suffer needlessly.


The Administration appears to be retreating from its call for meaningful reform, and it’s time to let the President know that this is unacceptable. Call the White House today! Faithful Reform in Health Care is providing a toll free number for you to make this call—(888) 797-8717. This number will automatically connect you with the White House Comment Line, where you can leave your message to say that real health care reform is needed NOW—and that real reform means that everyone has comprehensive coverage at a cost that is affordable, and is not controlled by insurance and pharmaceutical companies that are only interested in profit. Read “A Faith-Inspired Vision of Health Care” ( to learn why this is such an important issue for the faith community—then sign on in support of the statement at Read articles to learn more about this vision statement at (see box—“Educate Your Congregation on a Faith-Inspired Vision”). While you’re at it, check out other resources/information on this page.


Other actions you can take:


Call Senators Casey and Specter and your Representative using a toll-free number, (866) 279-5474 (number provided by Sojourners) to let them know that as a person of faith, you demand comprehensive and affordable health care reform that covers everyone. To read Jim Wallis’ letter concerning health care reform and find links to Sojourners’ health care reform resources, go to


Take the Pledge to take action on health care reform at Faithful Reform in Health Care’s website:

I believe that voices of faith will be important in promoting civil discourse and moral values in working for health care reform in the U.S. As a person of faith, I support health care reform, and commit to doing my part to promote health care reform that is based on our shared faith values.  I commit to taking actions like contacting my members of Congress, attending events, and telling my friends about our efforts to make the faith community a positive force for health care reform.

You can sign the statement at


Take Action in August through Faithful Reform’s “Let Our Light Shine” campaign, such as sponsoring a Candlelight Vigil. Download the Tool Kit of interfaith resources at


Check out “Seeking Justice in Health Care,” a Guide for Advocates in Faith Communities

to help people of faith consider U.S. health care and paths to reform through the lens of faith values. This guide is available in print and web versions. Go to and scroll down to links to learn more about the guide.


Still not convinced? Watch a video of faith leaders speaking about health care reform at You can download and burn the video onto a DVD for use in your congregation as well.


Please take action today!


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One Response to Act Now to Call for Real Health Care Reform

  1. John W. Bryner says:

    We must have a single payer system in this country now. There are no good alternatives to this option.

    John W. Bryner

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