PA Senate Moves Budget, Deep Cuts Remain

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The Pennsylvania Senate Appropriations Committee approved a 2012-13 budget plan today spending about $500 million more than the Governor proposed but well below 2010-11 levels.

The budget restores higher education funding to current year levels. It adds $50 million for accountability block grants and $50 million for distressed schools. Most of the cuts to public schools enacted this year remain intact. The budget restores only half of the $168 million in cuts to county human services proposed by the Governor, and adopts the Governor’s plan to eliminate a modest General Assistance cash grant program for 68,000 Pennsylvanians.

The Senate plan also leaves money on the table. It cuts the capital stock and franchise tax as planned, costing $90 million this year and $150 million more the following year, and scraps the Governor’s proposal to cap the sales tax vendor discount, which would have saved $41 million.

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  1. Schaunel Steinnagel says:

    In what ways can people continue to raise their voices about seeing the General Assistance program maintained, in the budget?

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