News Posts—March 9, 2012

Here are news articles posted since the previous News and Action Summary:

adultBasic: A Year of Struggle

Amicus Brief in Support of Medicaid Expansions in the Affordable Care Act

How to Cover Everyone: Vermont's Single-Payer Success

Medical Bills Can Wreck Credit, Even When Paid Off

Presbyterians Challenge Nationwide Prison Privatization

Assessing the Impact of the 2012-13 Budget Proposal on PA’s Kids

President’s Budget Plan Emphasizes Investments in Children

TANF, Child Care Extended Under Payroll Tax Cut Measure

CDC Study Puts Lifetime Cost of Child Abuse at $210,000 Per Victim

New Studies Show Widening ‘Education Gap’ Between Rich and Poor

SNAP/Food Stamp Program Helps Decrease Number of Americans in Extreme Poverty

PEDF Sues Governor over Mismanagement of Conservation Funding

Policy Options to Raise Revenue

PA Consumer Alert: Beware of Rapid Tax Refunds

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