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Senate Votes to Ratify New START Agreement

Please thank Senator Casey (http://casey.senate.gov).   From Faithful Security (http://faithfulsecurity.org):   Last week the Senate voted to ratify the New START agreement, which will re-establish mutual, on-the-ground verification of American and Russian nuclear arsenals, and cut the deployed strategic weapons … Continue reading

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Support the START Treaty

From Faithful Security (http://faithfulsecurity.org):   It’s not often that we have the opportunity to weigh in on a concrete step that will improve nuclear security — these chances sometimes come around just once per year.   So take this opportunity … Continue reading

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New Effort to Reduce Nuclear Weapons

Faithful Security (http://www.faithfulsecurity.org/) has reported that the Joint Understanding for the START Follow-on Treaty signed by President Obama and President Medvedev on July 6, 2009 commits the United States and Russia to “reduce their strategic warheads to a range of … Continue reading

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