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National Inequality for All Watch Parties—February 27, National

Message from former Labor Secretary Robert Reich: I was thrilled to hear President Obama speak so passionately in his State of the Union address about the devastating rise of income inequality across our country. But we know that the words … Continue reading

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Sean Reardon Confirms Further Widening of Segregation by Income

Posted at http://janresseger.wordpress.com/2013/11/20/sean-reardon-confirms-further-widening-of-segregation-by-income/ Near the end of their new book, Public Education Under Siege, educator Mike Rose and historian Michael B. Katz describe what they believe is the toughest problem for public education in America: “Throughout American history, inequality—refracted most … Continue reading

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Swiss Fight to Curb Executive Pay Gaining Momentum

Posted at http://www.commondreams.org/headline/2013/10/25-3 Campaign against corporate ‘fat cats’ will ‘pull out all the stops’ as vote around the corner – Jacob Chamberlain, staff writer A fight to shrink income inequality by limiting executive pay and increasing worker’s wages in Switzerland … Continue reading

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New State and Local Poverty Data, New Resources

From Half in Ten (http://halfinten.org/): The U.S. Census Bureau released new national (http://www.americanprogress.org/issues/poverty/news/2013/09/17/74429/the-top-3-things-you-need-to-know-about-the-new-poverty-and-income-data/), state (http://halfinten.org/issues/articles/interactive-map-2012-poverty-data-by-state/), and local (http://halfinten.org/issues/articles/interactive-map-2012-poverty-data-by-congressional-district/) poverty data for 2012 showing no decline in the poverty rate three years into the economic recovery. Yet with high levels of … Continue reading

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Get Tools to Heal Inequality: Subscribe to the Mend the Gap! Education Series

From NETWORK (http://www.networklobby.org): In 2011, before the rise of Occupy Wall Street and the protests of the 99%, NETWORK created the Mind the Gap! campaign to raise awareness about how U.S. wealth inequality hurts “the 100%.” Next week, the U.S. … Continue reading

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The Eight Most Dumped-On Americans

Posted at http://www.nationofchange.org/eight-most-dumped-americans-1378133117 We live in a society that allows one man to make $15 million a day while a low-income mother gets $4.50 a day for food, and much of Congress wants to cut the $4.50. Are political and corporate leaders even remotely aware of the conditions … Continue reading

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When Class Became More Important to a Child’s Education Than Race

Posted at http://www.theatlantic.com/national/archive/2013/08/when-class-became-more-important-to-a-childs-education-than-race/279064/ In, “1963, black children lagged behind their white peers in school by more than three years. For poor children, the picture was somewhat more encouraging: Those in the 10th percentile of income fell behind the children in … Continue reading

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The Astonishing Decline of Homelessness in America

From Housing Alliance of Pennsylvania (http://www.housingalliancepa.org/): From The Atlantic, By Stephen Lurie August 26, 2013 Despite a housing crisis, a great recession, rising income inequality, and elevated poverty, there is some good news among the most vulnerable segment of American … Continue reading

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10 States to Increase Minimum Wage on New Year’s Day

From Keystone Research Center (http://www.keystoneresearch.org): Pennsylvania should follow the lead of these states and increase the minimum wage to boost consumer spending and accelerate the economic recovery HARRISBURG, PA (December 26, 2012) – The minimum wage will increase in 10 … Continue reading

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Pennsylvania Among States with Fast-Growing Income Inequality

From Keystone Research Center (http://www.keystoneresearch.org): Middle- and low-income Pennsylvanians have fallen further behind top earners over past 30 years HARRISBURG, PA (November 15, 2012) — Income gaps widened in Pennsylvania between the late 1990s and the mid-2000s with earnings for … Continue reading

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