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Test Your Knowledge on Guns, Gun Violence and Policy

From CeaseFirePA (http://www.ceasefirepa.org): We are launching the “It’s Not Trivial” campaign to highlight how important it is to know the facts about guns, gun violence and gun policy. Take our quiz now at http://www.ceasefirepa.org/knowthefacts/ and see how much you already … Continue reading

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Urge Your PA Representative to Stop Redux of Gun Law that Permits Lawsuits Against PA Municipalities

From CeaseFirePA (http://www.ceasefirepa.org): Just two weeks after the Commonwealth Court struck down Act 192 as unconstitutional, the gun lobby’s allies in Harrisburg are trying to revive the law. Rep. Mark Keller is introducing a new special standing bill that will … Continue reading

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Demand that Congress Pledge to Act on Gun Violence

From CeaseFire USA (http://www.ceasefireusa.org): With the tragic hate crime shooting in Charleston, we again saw history repeat itself. We witnessed another incident of bigotry and racism, which should be consigned to the past, just like the Confederate flag that has … Continue reading

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Urge Your State Rep to Block Tax Break for Gun Sales

From CeaseFirePA (http://www.ceasefirepa.org): Everyone loves a tax break, right? But everyone hates when there are special tax carve outs that only apply to certain products or buyers. And everyone in PA is really worried about the budget, so special tax … Continue reading

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Urge PA Legislators to Keep Background Checks for Gun Purchases

From CeaseFirePA (http://www.ceasefirepa.org): The gun lobby in PA is determined not only to fight common sense policies to keep us safer but also to advance dangerous ideas that make it easier for guns to get into the wrong hands.  Once … Continue reading

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Urge Senators to Vote No on Mandated Concealed Carry

From CeaseFirePA (http://www.ceasefirepa.org): Here’s the next step in the gun lobby’s quest for guns for anyone, anywhere, any time: mandated concealed carry. If a proposal being considered in DC passes, every state would be required to recognize and honor concealed … Continue reading

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New Gun Violence Study Guide

From Sojourners (http://www.sojo.net): Recently, shots rang out near the Canadian parliament. Days later, a high school student in Seattle shot five of his classmates, killing two. Every day, an average of 289 people are shot with a gun in the … Continue reading

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Tell Your Senators NO to Hijacking a Domestic Violence Bill with Gun Amendment

From the Women’s Law Project (http://www.womenslawproject.org/): This just keeps getting worse and worse, and we need your help. The Pennsylvania Senate convenes this morning at 10:00AM for the last day of the legislative session. While we hoped that PA legislators … Continue reading

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Urge Your PA Senator to Oppose Legislation Permitting Lawsuits Against Municipalities Passing More Stringent Gun Laws

From CeaseFirePA (http://www.ceasefirepa.org): In September, the PA House of Representatives passed HB 1243 (http://www.legis.state.pa.us/cfdocs/billInfo/billInfo.cfm?sYear=2013&sInd=0&body=H&type=B&bn=1243), legislation that would permit groups like the NRA to sue Pennsylvania municipalities that choose to enact more stringent gun legislation. We’re hearing that your calls and … Continue reading

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A Call for More Than Judicial Remedies to the Killing of African American Boys and Men

Regardless of your tradition, this is a thoughtful piece. By the Reverend Dr. J. Herbert Nelson, II Director, Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) Office of Public Witness The Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) Office of Public Witness is the voice of Presbyterian public policy and advocates … Continue reading

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