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Single-Payer Activism Gets Boost from Obamacare

Posted at http://www.healthcare-now.org/single-payer-activism-gets-boost-from-obamacare By Claire Hughes for the Times Union – Dr. Richard Propp and Alice Brody thought Obamacare might sink their movement. Instead, based on the interest they say they are getting, the federal Affordable Care Act has buoyed their cause … Continue reading

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Single-Payer is Not Dead

Froma Harrop, Nation of Change, Op-Ed Posted at http://www.nationofchange.org/single-payer-not-dead-1389711871 The prospects for single-payer health care — adored by many liberals, despised by private health insurers and looking better all the time to others — did not die in the Affordable … Continue reading

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The Myth of Health Care’s Free Market

By David Cay Johnston Posted at http://mag.newsweek.com/2014/01/03/myth-health-cares-free-market.html Has it ever occurred to you to negotiate with the pilot of the plane you just boarded about her pay? Assuming the pilot was willing to take bids for her services, would you … Continue reading

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New Locator Tool for Insurance Coverage

From Enroll America (http://www.enrollamerica.org): The Get Covered Locator (http://www.getcoveredamerica.org/locator/) gives consumers a tool to help them find assistance with their Health Insurance Marketplace applications. Consumers can simply enter their ZIP code and they will see a list of Navigators, In-Person … Continue reading

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Deadline Looms for Medicaid Expansion, Still No Action for Kids

From Public Citizens for Children and Youth (http://www.pccy.org): The Affordable Care Act (ACA) calls for eligible children to be transferred from CHIP to Medicaid by January 1st so that every poor child gets the breadth of health care services offered … Continue reading

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Health Care in America: Global Perspectives on the Affordable Care Act—November 23, Elizabethtown

Saturday, November 23, 2013 10- 2:30 p.m. (Registration at 9:30 a.m.) Elizabethtown College, Susquehanna Room, Myers Hall The World Affairs Council of Harrisburg is hosting a conference to explore the pluses and minuses of the new Affordable Care Act and … Continue reading

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Medicaid Expansion Day of Action—November 20

From the Pennsylvania Budget and Policy Center (http://www.pennbpc.org): The expansion of Medicaid health coverage is being called an “early success story” of the Affordable Care Act — but you won’t find any success stories here in Pennsylvania. Pennsylvania is one … Continue reading

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The Single-Payer Signal in the Obamacare Noise

Posted at http://www.nationofchange.org/single-payer-signal-obamacare-noise-1383294715 David Sirota, Nation of Change Op-Ed Whenever scandal arises in Washington, D.C., the fight between the two parties typically ends up being a competition to identify a concise message in the chaos – or, as scientists might … Continue reading

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The Coverage Gap: Uninsured Poor Adults in States that Do Not Expand Medicaid

From The Kaiser Commission on Medicaid and the Uninsured, October 2013 The expansion of Medicaid, effective in January 2014, fills in historical gaps in Medicaid eligibility for low-income adults and has the potential to extend health coverage to millions of … Continue reading

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Tell Your Story About Health Insurance Enrollment

From Families USA (http://www.familiesusa.org): It’s finally here—millions of Americans have the opportunity to sign up for health insurance. Across the country, our friends and neighbors are learning about new coverage options and enrolling in health insurance through their state marketplaces—many … Continue reading

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