Protect SNAP, Child Nutrition and Other Safety Net Programs from Budget Cuts

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On August 2, President Obama signed the debt ceiling agreement into law. The deal creates a multi-stage process that may lead not just to a raised debt ceiling but to damaging program cuts and continued economic weakness.


It’s now time for anti-hunger advocates to ensure Members of Congress, especially the Joint Select Committee on Deficit Reduction (the “supercommitee”), know how critical SNAP, child nutrition and other safety net programs are to low-income people and that revenues must be included in the deal.


Take Action:


  • Urge your Member of Congress to speak out now to protect SNAP, child nutrition programs and other safety net programs from budget cuts. Members can submit comments for the Congressional Record throughout the entire month of August.  If you need assistance, we are here to help. Click here for talking points you can suggest to your Members of Congress.
  • Sign (if you haven’t already) and resend to your network the letter in support of the SNAP program to your networks.  More than 2,600 organizations have signed onto the letter.  We want to DOUBLE that number to show Congress the large breadth of support for SNAP. Go to to sign the letter.
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