School Vouchers, Protecting Vulnerable at the Federal Level

The Pennsylvania Senate approved the budget negotiated among the two General Assembly chambers and the governor yesterday (June 28—see link at end of message). They are still seeking to include school voucher legislation in the package. This budget will cause great pain for many Pennsylvanians. Please keep the calls coming to members of the PA House, asking for them to protect PA’s most vulnerable—and please take action on school vouchers!


Action Needed Now! Urge Your PA Representative to Oppose School Voucher Legislation



Please consider taking action on these important issues to protect vulnerable persons nationwide as well:


Act Now to Protect Vulnerable Persons in a Deficit Reduction Deal

Deficit reduction deals should take cuts to programs for low- and moderate-income people off the table. President Obama is meeting with Senate leaders this week to move a deal forward.



Act Now to Protect Medicaid and Medicare

Members of Congress of BOTH parties are considering a major restructuring of or cuts to Medicaid and Medicare as part of the federal budget negotiations. Our voices are needed more than ever to protect Medicaid and Medicare—programs that have had the historic support of faith communities.


PA Senate Approves $27.2 Billion State Budget

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