Raising Our Voices of Faith for Health Care–Election 2008 and Beyond

People of faith have the opportunity, the power and the responsibility to make sure that the vision of a health care future that includes everyone and works for all of us remains at the top of our legislative priorities.  In the remaining weeks of this electoral season (and beyond!) we will continue to have opportunities to promote a society which embraces the faith-inspired values that inform our work on health care reform—compassion, the common good, equitable distribution of our abundant resources, and special concern for those who are vulnerable.  Visit Faithful Reform in Health Care at www.faithfulreform.org to find links to a wealth of resources to assist in meeting this call and responsibility, including faith language around health care, questions for candidates and elected leaders, and ideas for advocacy.


If you are interested in engaging in further education within your congregations, consider using one of the following resources:


VISION & VOICE: Faithful Citizens & Health Care, an adult education resource to engage people of faith in dialogue about reform, available FREE on the web at www.visionandvoice.org.  It also includes video of religious leaders speaking about health care through the lens of faith values.  Watch preview video


COPING WITH THE COST OF HEALTH CARE: How Do We Pay for What We Need?, an adult discussion guide published by National Issues Forums that presents three approaches for deliberation.  It is also available as a FREE download at http://www.nifi.org/discussion_guides/detail.aspx?catID=12&itemID=11480 (information also available about how to purchase).


Finally, the National Council of Churches Health Task Force and the Committee on Children and Families have joined together to publish the 1st edition of the NCC Health Care Alert Bulletin Insert.  This first edition is designed to help members of the faith community understand the magnitude of the health care problem in our country. Four different formats available to download on the NCC Health Task Force website at www.health-ministries.org. To subscribe to receive the link to the Health Care Alert Bulletin Insert with description, go to www.health-ministries.org and click on “News Articles” under the word “Syndication” on the right side of the homepage.  Or, these documents may be downloaded from the Health Care Alert Bulletin Insert box on the top right of the homepage. These NCC Health Care Alert Bulletin Inserts will be published at least monthly and more often as needed.


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  1. Diana Marshall says:

    The October 13, 2008, “New Yorker” has a full page ad from Physicians for a National Health Program ( http://www.pnhp.org/2008) “urging our political leaders to stand up for the health of the AMerican people and implement a nonprofit, single-payer national health insurance system.

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