Ridding Schools of PVC

From the Center for Health, Environment, and Justice (http://www.chej.org):


With the start of the spring semester underway, CHEJ is excited to take this new beginning and make it a fresh and healthy one using This Vinyl School (http://www.chej.org/thisvinylschool/) – an interactive website that educates and empowers parents, teachers, and students to phase out toxic PVC plastic from America’s schools.


Visit This Vinyl School and find out where in our schools PVC –the poison plastic- is hiding and how we can transition to safe alternatives.


PVC, a.k.a. vinyl, is a plastic that releases harmful chemicals associated with asthma, obesity, and learning and developmental disabilities. PVC is found everywhere in schools from carpeting and roofing, to binders and even playground equipment.  As cases of PVC-linked health conditions keep increasing, it’s become more important than ever to phase out this poison plastic.


The fight to phase out PVC is a tough but necessary battle for children’s health.  Before you close this message, can you send this email to at least five others?  We owe it to our kids, future generations, and ourselves.


Empower your action by visiting CHEJ’s list of the Top Ten Ways To Take Action For Safe PVC-Free Schools at http://chej.org/campaigns/pvc/get-involved/top-ten-ways-to-take-action-for-safe-pvc-free-schools/.


Go green and go PVC-free!

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