Act Now to Protect Vulnerable Persons from the Impacts of Climate Change

Faith in Public Life (FIPL) has alerted us of the need to move now—Congress is debating an important climate change bill, and people of faith must mobilize to make their voices heard.


The faith community is pushing hard to make sure this landmark legislation contains adequate funding to help the most vulnerable, both here and abroad, adapt to the devastating effects of climate change.


Call 877-88-CLIMATE (toll-free, thanks to Oxfam America) to get connected to your representative and add your voice. Please feel free to share this number with your networks.


Protecting People and the Planet: Members of Congress and religious leaders are intensifying their efforts to ensure the legislation prioritizes the most vulnerable at home and abroad. A new radio and email campaign is pressing this faith-based message in key districts across America, in an effort to persuade Congress to adopt measures that help people most affected by climate change.


“Addressing climate change is not just a matter of national security and sound economic policy, but a moral duty to care for God’s creation and to care for the needs of those who are contributing the least to climate change but bearing the brunt of its burden,” said Congressman Tom Perriello (D-Virginia) on a conference call with reporters hosted by FPL.


The results of a new national poll, sponsored by Oxfam America and Faith in Public Life, and conducted by Public Religion Research, confirm that majorities of Americans, including people of faith, support these goals.


The poll and the advocacy effort are already generating great coverage in the media including a local piece in the Richmond Times-Dispatch and hits on the important environmental blogs Grist and NRDC Switchboard as well as political and religious press.


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