News Posts—Week of December 3-10, 2010

Here are news articles posted during the week of December 3-10, 2010:


President Cuts Deal on Tax Cuts and Unemployment Insurance


Huckabee Says No to Insurance for People with Pre-Existing Conditions


New Member of Congress Demands to Know Why Health Care Doesn’t Begin Immediately


Proposed Revision to Health Care Legislation


Health Care in the News and on the Web


Casey and Dodd to Propose Children’s Council


Study: Mother’s Reading Skill Boosts Children’s Achievement


How to Get Grocery Stores to Reopen


Where’s the Outrage over Prison Costs?


ACLU of PA Notes Need for Solutions to Bursting Prisons


Shrinking Budgets Shrinking Local Jail Populations in PA


AFSC’s Stopmax Campaign Works to Eliminate Prison Isolation


Can Faith Fight Poverty?


We Must Cooperate as Poverty Extends its Grip


Half in Ten Poll Reveals Support for Human Needs Programs Aiding Low Income Americans


Voters Strongly Support SNAP (Food Stamp) Funding


Churches Launch Campaign for the Jobless


Twitter Chatbot Debunks Climate Change Skeptics without Tiring


Pittsburgh Bans Natural Gas Drilling


The Value of Open Space


Philadelphia Eagles Going Green


United Methodist Bishops Oppose Racism


Got Anxiety? Religion and Political Polarization Today


An Open Letter to President Bush Regarding Torture


Report: Pre-K Spared in Most State Budgets, But Not in PA


American Exceptionalism: Divine Hall Pass?


New Report Finds Stepped Up Federal Enforcement Actions


One Step Closer to Realizing the Dream


Victory—Coalition of Immokalee Workers

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