Important PA Environmental/Economic Legislation Passed in November—Thank Your Rep

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On November 15 the Pennsylvania House passed three major bills that will help protect Pennsylvania’s environment and grow the economy. Thanks to the vocal support of citizens like you, legislators returned to Harrisburg in the final days of the session to sign off on bills passed by the State Senate.


  • House Bill 708, the e-cycling bill, (Ross, R- Delaware) will create recycling requirements for electronics, keeping computers and televisions out of our landfills and get them properly recycled. In the process, Pennsylvania recycling businesses will flourish. Voting record at
  • House Bill 1394, the wind and farming bill, (Houghton, D-Chester, Kessler, D-Berks, Yaw, R, Lycoming) will allow farmers and others who own land protected under the “Clean and Green” program to develop wind and other clean energy projects, allowing them to be a part of the green energy economy and to benefit from tax advantages as stewards of our farmland and forests. The vote was unanimous.
  • House Bill 60, the Pennsylvania Housing Affordability and Rehabilitation Enhancement Program (Daley, D-Washington and Argall, R-Schuylkill), will allow Pennsylvania to tap into Federal money that could be used to address housing needs in Pennsylvania. Voting record at 

PennFuture is proud that these bills — which will create green jobs, increase our energy security and stability, enhance our neighborhoods, and protect the environment — were developed with bipartisan support.


Please consider thanking your Representative if he/she voted for these bills. Find contact information at

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