Congress Passed the Budget Resolution on April 28–Time to Move Forward on Other Fronts

From the Coalition on Human Needs:


On Wednesday (April 28), Congress passed the Budget Resolution.


This very important step sets the stage for groundbreaking actions in health care reform and other investments to meet human needs.


Thanks.  You’ve heard a lot from us about the importance of the budget.  Thanks to you and to thousands of people who understood the importance of the new direction the budget charts – and who called, wrote, and acted to make sure that elected officials knew how much the budget’s goals matter to their constituents.


Ellen Teller, Chair of the Coalition on Human Needs Board and Director of Government Affairs for the Food Research and Action Center, aptly compares the provisions within the budget to permits you might get from your local government to allow you to build or renovate a house.  Now we have the permits.  Let the building begin!


In the coming weeks and months, health care legislation will move forward.  We will share information with you from CHN members working day and night towards the best ways to cover the uninsured and improve coverage for millions more.  We will focus on the needs of the most vulnerable.


That is our mission – so count on us to let you know of opportunities to help low-income people get jobs in renewable energy and other fields band to receive supports they need so they can make ends meet.  And about keeping the expanded Child Tax Credit for families with low earnings while defending against irresponsible tax breaks for the affluent.

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