Join the Campaign to Stop Video Poker and Other Gambling Expansion in Pennsylvania

STOP VIDEO POKER PA is asking you to join the battle to stop thousands of Pennsylvania restaurants and taverns from becoming mini-casinos.


There are two things you can do:


1)    Take action now by going to to send a message to your legislators and Governor Rendell.


Fast-track legislation is before the Pennsylvania House of Representatives to allow every licensed restaurant and tavern to install video poker machines.


If the legislation is approved, thousands more gambling machines could be brought into neighborhood restaurants and taverns than are allowed in the state’s slot machine parlors. That is a potential of 70,000 video poker machines in neighborhoods and communities across Pennsylvania.


The threat to our communities is real. Protect our communities from mini-casinos. Join our fight.


2)    Host a “drive by” petition drive for your congregation or other organization on May 16 or 17 (or simply ask your families, friends and neighbors to sign a petition) to halt further gambling expansion.


The purpose of this petition drive is to give all citizens a voice to: (1) Halt the proposed gambling expansion to legalize electronic gambling at bars, taverns & hotels; (2) Halt “taxation by exploitation” of both gamblers and supposed “beneficiaries” of the gambling money; (3) Reduce preventable demand for social welfare programs and services from both the government and the private sector; and (4) Serve as a catalyst of positive tax reform making necessary taxes transparent and not exploitive.


What is being requested is two hours on May 16, 9:00-11:00 a.m. (though you should do whatever works best for you) to gather signatures on petitions at a designated location, with petitions returned to Dianne Berlin at Casino Free PA.


Instructions for the petition drive are available by clicking here, and additional petitions can be downloaded from the Casino Free PA at

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