Poverty Simulation Video Course Available

From the Community Action Association of Pennsylvania (http://www.thecaap.org):


The Poverty Simulation Advocacy & Outcomes video course is an overview on how to use the Poverty Simulation as an effective tool for advocacy within your community.


The Poverty Simulation is a jarring and often times emotionally stressful event that exposes participants to the world of raising a family with little or no assistance. This tutorial will help you structure your simulation so you can debrief your participants in a way that will turn them into advocates for helping low-income individuals in your community.


Both courses are presented in a video-lecture format. At the end of each video lecture a short test will be given. A personalized certificate of completion is provided at the successful conclusion of the course.


Go to http://caap.training.essentiallearning.com/lib/RegistrationForm.aspx?AspxAutoDetectCookieSupport=1 to register for the course.

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