News and Action Summary for Friday, October 29

Next Tuesday (November 2) is the mid-term election. Many of you may already have your minds made up on how you will vote, but the polling suggests a large percentage have not. If you are still uncertain, don’t miss the special section on resources to help with your decision making for the election below. Several groups have posted results of candidate questionnaires on important issues for your consideration.


Check out the Actions, Events, Opportunities and Resources, and News Posts below—just click on the links under each category to get to the information. We’ve placed the most critical issues under Important Actions and Issues.


We understand that there is a lot of information here. Please know that you aren’t expected to act on everything! Just choose the issues that are most important to you and take action. Sometimes you will be directed to action pages of other organizations—don’t worry! These are organizations that we work with regularly and who share a common interest.


Please consider contacting your legislators to thank them when they support your position as well, or to express your disappointment when they don’t. We don’t follow up with them often enough. They need our feedback to understand how we feel. Go to our Take Action page ( to find links to contact information for your legislators.


Our website is updated regularly—please visit to find updated links, resources, etc. at It is a work in progress, and issue pages continue to be created as time permits. If there is something you would really like to see that isn’t there, please contact us at


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Member of Congress Positions on Torture (New)


Check out the Gubernatorial Candidates’ Positions on Sustainable Growth (New)


Check Out Environmental Positions of PA Senate and Gubernatorial Candidates


State Legislators Scored by Green Groups (New)


Where Do Pennsylvania’s Gubernatorial Candidates Stand on Child Welfare?


How Well Do Your Members of Congress Protect Children?


Gubernatorial and U.S. Senate Candidates Talk About Government Reform


Gubernatorial Candidates Respond to Integrity Questionnaire


Learn About Gubernatorial Candidates’ Plans for Education




Pennsylvania Leaves $100 Million on Table as Senate Nixes Severance Tax Promise—Take Action


Urge Congress to Extend Unemployment Benefits and TANF Emergency Fund


Call In to Support Voting Rights for Released Persons Who’ve Served their Sentences—November 1


Actions for Child Nutrition Reauthorization Needed During the Break


Learn More and Act to Restore and Promote Clean Water


Important News!


Prison Economics Help Drive Arizona Immigration Law


U.S. Now Ranks 49th in Life Expectancy


Election Protection on November 2 at  1-866-OUR-VOTE  1-866-OUR-VOTE


November 2 is the General Election—PLEASE VOTE and urge everyone you know to get to the polls!

In case you don’t know, find your polling place at


Council Poverty Study Guide Now Available!


Download the Council’s “Get Connected” Bulletin Insert at for information about how members of your congregation can connect with the Council’s e-advocacy network.




Please visit our “Take Action” page at for the most up-to-date listing of all current actions you can take by category. Categories include: New Actions; Children and Families; Economy and Economic Justice; Education; Environment; Global Issues; Government Reform; Health Care; Housing; Human Rights; Hunger; Immigration; Peacemaking; Torture; Trade; Women.


You can also check out our Weblog Take Action page at


Posted below are the NEWEST ACTIONS you can take.




Urge EPA to Regulate Coal Ash as a Toxic Substance


Raising the Minimum Wage in Hard Times—Take Action







For a full listing of events, go to the Events Calendar at


Events this coming week:


Screening of Gasland—October 29, Harrisburg


Town Meeting for Jobs Not Wars—October 30, Philadelphia


Speaking Series to Showcase the Power of Active Nonviolence—October 31-November 2, Philadelphia


Update on Ozone and Air Quality—November 4, Carlisle


Screening of A Day Without A Mexican—November 5, Springfield


Confined Animal Feeding Operations (CAFO) Conference—November 6, York


TEDxGreatPacificGarbagePatch: The Global Plastic Pollution Crisis—November 6, State College


Farming in Biblical Times—November 7, State College


Here are the NEWEST EVENTS added to the Calendar.


Amazing Faiths” Dinner-Dialogue—November 10, Harrisburg


National Dropout Prevention Center’s 22nd Annual Conference—November 14-17, Philadelphia


EPA Public Listening Session/Discussion on National Stormwater Rule—November 17, Harrisburg


Pennsylvania Voters Coalition Elections Symposium—December 2, Harrisburg


Health Action 2011 Registration Open—January 27-29, Washington, DC




This is a current listing of opportunities and resources to participate in national conference calls, calls for comments on policies or legislation, and activities that individuals/congregations can engage in aside from Actions.


For recently posted resources via these news summaries, go to


For a listing of Council-related resources go to the “Resources” link at


For links to organizations that address many of the Council’s advocacy issues, visit “Related Links” at This list is updated continually. Please report broken links to


Fellowships—Families USA Offers Health Care Policy and Advocacy Fellowships—January 2011 Deadlines


Opportunity—If I Had a Trillion Dollars: Youth Video Contest—Deadline November 30


Opportunity—Community Responders Network to Address Incidents of Intolerance


Resource—Launching: “A Daily Dose of Truth” About Health Reform


Resource—Refundable Credits Expanded in the Economic Recovery Act—Impacts of Making Them Permanent


Resource—Report: Unemployment Would Be in Double Digits Across PA if Not For Federal Action on the Economy


Resource—Learn More About Prison Sentencing Policies




Please visit our weblog ( for the latest news and information. For previous News Summaries, click on the “News Summaries” link on the right side of the page.


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Top Corporations Aid U.S. Chamber of Commerce Campaign


On Politics and God


Christian Witness Amid the Partisan Fray


Danforth Center Seeks Civility with Faith, Politics


2010 Pennsylvania School Readiness Report Available


More Working Families Getting Government Food Aid


Karen Heller: Expert: Hunger Has More to do with Opportunity than with Food


Recession in Midstate Hitting Children Hardest


Hardest Existence of Poverty is Spiritual Issue


Health Care and the Campaign


Report: How to Enact (and Maintain) Tax Reform


Gas Industry “Not Very Concerned” About Severance Tax


Inaction on the Marcellus Shale Severance Tax Has Consequences


Governor Establishes Moratorium on Drilling Leases in State Forests


PA’s “Pollution Pathway” Takes Heat in Chesapeake Bay Plan


Farm Lobby Targets Chesapeake Bay Cleanup Bill


Susquehanna in Crisis


Gupta: Chemicals Around Us – We Must Know More


Chemicals: Lautenberg Hearing Aims to Spur Senate Action on TSCA


EPA Announces Next Steps on Fuel Economy Standards


Recent Environmental News


Fun Environmental Stuff


Coming Out Illegal—Why We Need the DREAM Act


Battling Predatory Enterprises–Working to Prevent Gun Violence



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