Making Poverty History: Hunger Education Activities that Work!

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There are no passengers on Spaceship Earth. Everybody’s crew.

Marshall McCluhan


A global chorus of voices is calling to make poverty history. We have the resources, we have the knowledge, but do we have the will? The activities collected in the resource Making Poverty History: Hunger Education Activities that Work! are meant to help build that will by providing a glimpse into the lives and struggles of impoverished people around the world. The simulations, skits, and other elements can be used as a part of CROP Hunger Walks, Blankets+ events, overnight events or retreats, mission fairs, church camps, and other learning events on hunger and poverty.


The contents are organized around the Millennium Development Goals (MDG) – a remarkable convergence by 189 governments (including the USA) on the most pressing needs of the human family and specific, measurable goals to alleviate them.


To obtain a copy of the guide, go to Here you can download a pdf version or order hard copies at (up to 10 copies free).

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