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Background: As President Obama and the 111th Congress struggle with worldwide economic problems, ending two wars, and rebuilding the nation’s physical infrastructure, it would be easy to postpone the critical new investments America needs to make in its children. And an already challenging situation is compounded by state budgets staggering under the recession and the cuts in social spending which follow.


But make no mistake, the development of human capital is central to U.S. global competitiveness, increased productivity, caring for an aging population, and fulfilling the moral obligation every generation has to leave the world a better place for the one that follows. This is not the time to take a step backwards.


The life chances of children are vastly improved when they are the top priority of supportive families and communities. But as the numbers in our report show, this happy ending eludes many millions of children, who are challenged by problems that should not exist in the world’s wealthiest nation—health care, child abuse, imprisonment, school readiness, afterschool care, and poverty. This report finds that new investments in children’s programs can make homeland security a reality for all children.

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