Call to Clergy—Endorse the National Criminal Justice Act

NOTE: Action is not limited to United Methodists.


From the United Methodist General Board of Church and Society (


In just a little over a week, we have had more than 400 clergy endorse the National Criminal Justice Commission Act that will establish a bipartisan commission to study every aspect of the U.S. criminal justice system. The study will cover a period of 18 months and then will make recommended changes to Congress. (Please note that this petition is only for clergy to sign—you can endorse the statement at


400 clergy in a week is powerful. Do you want to know what would be transformative? If each of the 400 clergy reached out and secured 3 more clergy endorsements. And it can happen!!


Here is how: For all of the outreach to the following groups, don’t send around an e-mail — people ignore e-mails (except for you!!). Call people from each of these groups and then send the e-mail. Get their attention by calling them and then give them an easy way to follow through.


  1. Call and then e-mail clergy members of your local community’s Ministerial Alliance. Since the petition is interfaith, this is a strategic group to contact. Ask each of them to call and e-mail their colleagues and secure 3 endorsements each.
  2. Call and then e-mail the other clergy in your district and annual conference. Ask your District Superintendent and your Bishop to support this.
  3. Call and then e-mail friends and former professors from seminary and urge your profs to share with others on campus.
  4. Utilize other networks that clergy are part of such as the Methodist Federation of Social Action chapters, Peace with Justice or Church & Society committees, or whatever group you or your clergy are part of.

We can spread this petition to so many. We just need folks to call and then follow up with e-mails. Please help reach out to other clergy to endorse this crucial step forward to make the U.S. criminal justice system more just at


It’s Time for Reform—Just So You Know…


  • With 5% of the world’s population, the US hold’s 25% of the world’s incarcerated.
  • If the 2.3 million people behind bars were a city, it would be the fourth largest city in the US.
  • Two-thirds (2/3) of those in prison are African American or Latino.
  • Incarceration costs, on average, $22,650 a year per person, with some states spending as much as $44,000.
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