The Strange Media Coverage of Obama’s Education Policies

From a Washington Post blog by Valerie Strauss called “The Answer Sheet: A School Survival Guide for Parents (And Everyone Else) posted September 30, 2010:


NBC News president Steve Capus said that his network’s Education Nation ( summit this week — a multi-day affair that included interviews with President Obama and Education Secretary Arne Duncan — would be a fair, serious look at public education today.


It wasn’t even close.


The events, panels and discussions were sharply tilted toward Obama’s school reform agenda — focused in part on closing failing schools, expanding charter schools and using standardized test scores to evaluate teachers. It gave short shrift to the enormous backlash against the plan from educators and parents around the country who say that Obama’s education priorities won’t improve schools but will narrow curriculum and drive good teachers out of the profession.


NBC seemed to take for granted that Obama’s education policies are sound and will be effective. Seasoned journalists failed to ask hard questions and fell all over their subjects to be sympathetic. It was a forum for people to repeatedly misstate the positions of their opponents.


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