Help Needed Now for Growing Number of Children in Poverty

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At least one in four children was poor in nearly 190 counties in 39 states in 2009, a time of severe recession. In 33 counties in 17 states, at least one in three children was living in poverty. The American Community Survey for 2009, released yesterday (September 28) by the U.S. Census Bureau, shows rising poverty in the majority of states, with children much more likely to be poor than other age groups.


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The Coalition on Human Needs has tables showing 2009 poverty for counties with populations over 65,000 in every state. We are grateful to the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities for sharing data with comparisons over time for poverty and median income by state.


Truckload of data available from the American Community Survey:  You can find data for cities, counties, and congressional districts as well as states. It answers questions about poverty, income, health insurance, educational attainment, cost of housing, people with disabilities, and use of government assistance programs, to name a few topics. It has breakdowns by race/ethnicity/language spoken at home/immigrant status.


For step-by-step directions on how to get some of the data:




It’s updated regularly and includes tables, analyses from many organizations, and links to webinar training sessions.

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