Change to Win Seeking Congregations Interested in “Cure CVS” Campaign

The Cure CVS campaign is a project of the Change to Win labor federation that calls on CVS/pharmacy to be more responsible health care providers and stop discriminatory practices.


According to the campaign, CVS has been caught selling expired baby formula and children’s medication, locking up condoms mostly in communities where people of color predominate, and redlining.  The Cure CVS coalition urges CVS to change these policies.


The campaign is interested in going to churches to talk about a petition and upcoming actions. If you would like to learn more, you can check out the campaign’s website at, or check out press reports at any of the links below. If you are interested in a presentation, contact Daniel Duffy at the Change to Win Cure CVS campaign at (814) 777-3710 or (215) 564-4404.


Discriminatory practices:


Expired goods: and


Condom Lockup: and


Nationwide: and

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