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In Pakistan, more than 15 million Pakistanis have been affected by the worst flooding in living memory – and almost 2.6 million acres of cropland are underwater. In one province, almost 70 percent of the livestock died.


And while we work today to help provide clean water, sanitation facilities and cooked meals as part of relief efforts, farmers will need sustained support to help them replace lost crops and livestock and to rebuild their livelihoods over the long-term.


You have the power to help – tell Senators Casey and Toomey to support the Global Food Security Act to rebuild sustainable livelihoods of farmers affected by flooding in Pakistan and other crises around the world at


Just as one in eleven Pakistanis are currently suffering the effects of severe floods, one in every six people worldwide – that’s over a billion people – are suffering from chronic hunger. In 2009 alone, hunger and malnutrition contributed to the death of more than 3 million children – unnecessary deaths when we have the tools at hand to support smallholder farmers and improve the food security and nutrition of their communities.


A bill just introduced in Congress (S 384, would address the urgent needs of farmers, but without the vocal support of more senators, it won’t have a chance to become law.


Senator Lugar, one of the drafters of this bill, recently said, “Farmers will be hard-pressed to meet growing demand given the challenges of land, water and environmental pressures brought about by climate change, soil degradation, deforestation and volatile food prices.”


And he’s right. In 2008, food prices skyrocketed, and millions of people went hungry. In order to prevent this kind of humanitarian crisis, we need to address this problem head on. No one should have to go hungry – and this legislation will help us meet this need.


Ask Senators Casey and Toomey to join in the fight to end global hunger. Because hunger is a constant disaster – one that together we can prevent.

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