Help Defeat New Proposed “Photo ID” Bill

Legislation Would Disenfranchise Elderly, Minority, Disabled, and Low-Income Voters—Many Pennsylvania Advocates Call for Action


On March 2, Sen. Orie (R- Allegheny, Butler) and 12 co-sponsors introduced Senate Bill 514 (SB 514), which would require all voters, at every election, to produce a government-issued photo ID, or two forms of other approved ID, one of which must be a photo ID.  If passed, SB 514 would infringe the voting rights of Pennsylvanians, particularly those among historically disenfranchised communities, including elderly, low-income, disabled, and minority citizens, who often do not possess these types of identification.


This bill has now been listed on NEXT TUESDAY, March 24’s agenda of the PA Senate State Government Committee.  The Chair of this Committee is Senator Chuck McIlhenny (R-Bucks and Montgomery), who is also a co-sponsor of this bill.  Rumor has it that the Committee may try to push this bill through quickly, without holding a hearing or listening to voters’ concerns.


What You Can Do:  CALL, EMAIL, OR WRITE YOUR STATE SENATOR, and tell them to oppose SB 514.  Tell them that as many as 25 percent of African Americans, 18 percent of American senior citizens, and 15 percent of low-income Americans simply do not have the types of current photo ID required by this bill.  Furthermore, the requirements in this bill would create significant delays and longer lines on Election Day, which would be a burden on all voters.


These Senators on the State Government Committee need to be contacted immediately:


McIlhinney, Charles T., Jr. ( , Chair


Williams, Anthony H. (, Minority Chair


Folmer, Mike (, Vice Chair


Dinniman, Andrew E. (


Scarnati, Joseph B., III (, ex-officio


Tartaglione, Christine M. (


Brubaker, Michael W. (


Washington, Leanna M. (


Corman, Jake (


Pippy, John (


White, Donald C. (


Tell your Senator to oppose this bill, as it needlessly burdens voting, without any cause to do so.  Pennsylvania already has many protections against voting fraud, including ID requirements for first time voters, signature checks, and challenges to registration or identity on or before Election Day.  Also, the penalties for voting fraud during a federal election are steep, including serving five years in prison and fines of up to $10,000, on top of state penalties!


Tell your Senator that PA should be making it easier for our citizens to vote, increasing voting access rather than constructing additional hurdles, as this bill does.


Sen. McIlhinney’s phone number and email are:   (717) 787-7305;


Other Senators’ information may be found here:


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One Response to Help Defeat New Proposed “Photo ID” Bill

  1. I have written Senator McIlhenny and he wrote back stating he would take into account Photo Voter ID suggestions to overcome obstacles this bill portends.

    I asked for an appointment to speak to him face-to-face to solve these problems.

    He told friends of mine he still thinks photo ID is the way to go notwithstanding the many problems this bill creates. The consequences notwithstanding, the Senator is committed to this bill.

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