Push for Comprehensive and Compassionate Immigration Reform

From the United Church of Christ’s Justice and Witness Ministries:


Jesus had no place to lay his head. Neither do tens of millions of migrants, refugees and displaced persons. Here in the U.S. over 12 million immigrants are without papers or authorization to work. Many of them work in the lowest paid jobs, under the harshest conditions, and are easily exploited.


Given the choice, most people would prefer to stay close to their homes and families; yet every day, thousands of people worldwide are faced with the heart-wrenching decision to leave their loved ones and migrate. Lack of economic opportunity to provide for their families, due in part to U.S.-promoted global economic policies, drives much of the migration to the United States and other countries where jobs may be found. Meanwhile, conflict, violence, persecution and environmental degradation have resulted in the forced migration of millions who become refugees or internally displaced persons (IDPs).


To ensure that all of our brothers and sisters have a place to call home, we must address the root causes of displacement around the globe, as well as treat economic and forced migrants in the U.S. and abroad with humanity and dignity.


This past weekend the participants of the 2010 Ecumenical Advocacy Days (EAD) are responding to our command to love our neighbor and welcome the stranger by lobbying for legislation that addresses:


  • the need for just immigration reform in the United States;
  • the root causes of migration;
  • the importance of adequately funding life-saving assistance to refugees and other forcibly displaced persons.

Read more at http://advocacydays.org/lobby/lobbydayask.php.


You can join your voice with the participants at EAD by advocating for humane, equitable immigration reform that:


  • Allows undocumented immigrants and their families to earn lawful permanent residency upon the satisfaction of reasonable criteria and eventually pursue citizenship
  • Expands legal avenues of entry for families who are separated and for those who seek work
  • Aligns border policies and internal enforcement policies with humanitarian values and due process protections

Separated families, exploited workers, and broken communities cannot wait for Congress to fix our broken immigration system. Urge your elected officials to act now at https://secure3.convio.net/ucc/site/Advocacy?cmd=display&page=UserAction&id=567. (NOTE: This is a UCC Action page, but contains information you can use to contact Senators Casey and Specter and your Representative directly if you would like, or you can personalize the message.)


More info:

Ecumenical Advocacy Days (http://advocacydays.org/)

UCC Immigration Resources (http://www.ucc.org/justice/immigration/)

Jubilee USA (http://www.jubileeusa.org/index.php)

UCC Work Place Justice (http://www.ucc.org/justice/immigration/workplace/)

Worker Justice Resources available at http://www.ucc.org/justice/immigration/

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