Support Investments in Young Children in the Federal Budget

From the Children’s Defense Fund (CDF at


Members of Congress have started work on the 2011 Federal Budget (CDF analysis at, which determines how much funding will be available for child care, early education programs, and other important programs for children and families. Your call will help Members of Congress understand how young children in their states will benefit from increases in these programs.


Take action today by calling Congress:


To reach your Members of Congress, call 1(888) 460-0813 and use the script below. The operator who answers the phone will ask which Senator or Representative you would like to speak to.


If you would like to call directly to Pennsylvania’s Senators, go to for Senator Casey, and for Senator Specter, to find contact information for their DC and state offices. If you wish to call your Representative directly or need to find out the name of your Representative, go to


When connected with their offices, tell the staffer who answers the phone:


Hi, my name is __________. I’m a constituent and a person of faith. (If you are also a parent, child care provider, community leader, etc., it is helpful to mention that as well.)


I am calling because current funding for child care, Head Start and child nutrition fails to meet the needs of children and families in our state. I urge the Senator/Representative to support the increases in these programs proposed by President Obama in his 2011 Budget.


If you have trouble getting through, please call back until you’ve spoken to someone in the offices of your Representative and both Senators Casey and Specter.


The more calls they get, the more pressure Congress will feel to support these vital programs for children. Please help spread the word by forwarding this message to friends, family and colleagues.

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