2015-16 State Budget Talking Points—Need for Fair Education Funding

From the Campaign for Fair Education Funding (http://fairfundingpa.org/):

Looking to engage family, friends, colleagues and stakeholders about the need for fair funding for Pennsylvania’s public school students? Here are talking points to help start the conversation: 

— Pennsylvania is a case study in unpredictable and inequitable public school funding.

— While the recently enacted 2015-16 state budget allowed schools to remain open and their students to complete this academic year, it does not solve the state’s school funding crisis.

— The state needs to do more than provide enough money for schools to keep the school doors open and the lights on. It must fairly direct sufficient resources so that all students – no matter where they live – can succeed in school and meet the state’s academic standards.

— The Governor and legislature must immediately turn their attention to the 2016-17 budget. They must work together to enact the fair school funding formula recommended by the bipartisan Basic Education Funding Commission (BEFC) and pass an on-time budget for 2016-17 that makes a significant investment in our public schools next year of at least $400 million, providing adequate revenues to support that investment.

— While there is broad bipartisan support for the BEFC fair funding formula, the formula is only as good as the education funding that is put behind it. For students to succeed, there must be a sufficient investment in the classroom every year, and that must start in the upcoming budget.

— An equitable basic education funding system is good for students and the economy, but if the state continues to limit funding increases to the level approved in this year’s budget, infants in their cribs today will be out of high school by the time we achieve a fully-funded and fair public school funding system in Pennsylvania.

— Every school year counts for a student. There is no more pressing issue facing lawmakers than fixing Pennsylvania’s broken public school funding system. It is long past time for lawmakers to make children a top priority so that they do not have to endure another year of inaction on the school funding crisis.

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