Urge the Senate to Pass the Drinking Water Safety and Infrastructure Act

From the Coalition on Human Needs (http://www.chn.org):

Lana, a single mother with three children, discovered that her one-year old twins tested positive for lead poisoning, and left her contaminated Holyoke, MA apartment, becoming homeless for three months. She got help from a local program, and eventually got a job and some economic stability. But for one of her twins, the damage was done: As he grew older, he needed special education, and had problems with speech and memory from the brain damage caused by the lead poisoning.

To read the rest: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/deborah-weinstein/flint-and-beyond_b_9577762.html

We hope you’ll read every line, but here’s a preview – Lana’s son was diagnosed with lead poisoning more than 30 years ago.
While we have made important progress in reducing the incidence of lead poisoning, it is painfully clear today that we have not done enough.  The Huffington Post piece talks about lead contamination in the water supply – in Flint and many more communities.  It also talks about the source of lead that hurt Lana’s son – paint in dwellings.  The latter is in fact the biggest cause of child lead poisoning.

Congress went home for its Easter recess without acting.  But there is legislation just waiting for their approval.  

Please tell the Senate to act: Tell the Senate to pass the Drinking Water Safety and Infrastructure Act at http://org.salsalabs.com/o/125/p/dia/action3/common/public/?action_KEY=19300. (see details below)

And if you represent an organization, endorse the Lead-Safe Housing for Kids Act, introduced by Senators Durbin and Menendez (S.2631) and by Representatives Ellison, Quigley, Lawrence, Kildee and others (H.R. 4694).  It would require the U.S. Dept. of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to prevent or correct lead contamination in federally assisted housing and to relocate families with lead-poisoned children to uncontaminated housing on an emergency basis.  For more information and/or to endorse, email healthjustice@luc.edu.

Thanks so much if you’ve already emailed your Senators!

But it’s time to do it again:  Senators Stabenow and Peters of Michigan have been working hard to get the Senate to take up legislation to pay for some desperately needed fixes for Flint’s poisoned water.  It will take 60 votes to pass such provisions, either through a vote on their bill, S. 2579, the Drinking Water Safety and Infrastructure Act, or perhaps through an amendment to another bill (such as the energy bill they’re working on). The Senate will return from its recess on April 4.  Please contact them NOW – don’t let them think everyone has forgotten about this crisis.

Tell your Senators to vote for S. 2579, the Drinking Water Safety and Infrastructure Act – and to insist that Senate leadership put its provisions up for a vote as soon as they return. Click here to contact them.

If you won’t speak out, who will?

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