Climate and Clean Energy Lobby Day—June 14, Harrisburg

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Every day, polluters walk the halls of Pennsylvania’s Capitol, pushing our elected officials to continue our dependence on destructive fossil fuels. In just the last year, they’ve used sneaky tactics to undermine renewable energy initiatives and a historic effort to slash power plant pollution.

On June 14th, we’re going to change that as Pennsylvania’s Climate Majority takes over the capitol. On that day, hundreds of citizens from every corner of the state will descend on the General Assembly to take it back for the people with one simple message: we are the climate majority and we want clean power in Pennsylvania now.

We’re organizing transportation, including busses and carpools, with our coalition partners. Learn more about the Climate & Clean Energy Lobby Day on June 14th and RSVP today at

Legislators in Harrisburg have two paths before them: they can side with polluters by ensuring we continue to rely on dirty fossil fuels and delay historic attempts to cut carbon pollution. Or, they can stand with the Climate Majority, moving us towards a bright future of solar energy and wind power.

You are the key to making sure they make the right decision. In the months leading up to the Climate Majority descending on Harrisburg, we’re going to wage a massive grassroots campaign. We’ll organize citizen advocacy trainings in your community; ensure tens of thousands of citizens voices are heard through phone calls, letters and emails; and use the media to make it clear that the Climate Majority will not be silenced.

And it all leads up to a day where you will help us take back the Capitol for Pennsylvanians who are ready to move off of fossil fuels. Can you join us?

Register here to participate in this critical lobby day and help us take Harrisburg back from polluters.

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