Caroling for Fair Trade

The United Methodist Church’s General Board of Church and Society (GBCS) is encouraging communities to spread holiday cheer and awareness through Fair Trade Holiday Caroling and a Fair Trade Giving Pledge.


GBCS gives numerous reasons for participating…

  • Raising awareness about Fair Trade can help to transform the lives of many by helping to end poverty;
  • Your effort will spread holiday cheer in your community; and, maybe most important
  • It will be fun!

Join the campaign today—it’s easy! Download the GCBS toolkit at


Here is GBCS’s description of Fair Trade Holiday Caroling:


What is Fair Trade Holiday Caroling?


Walking door to door or performing in any public place…congregation, school play, holiday party, subway station, etc, etc.:

  • Sing a few carols
  • Read a brief Fair Trade Public Education Script to your audience
  • Ask your audience to make a Fair Trade New Year’s Resolution or pledge to buy Fair Trade holiday gifts…together, the thousands of Resolutions we collect in the US and around the world will make a big impact on expanding the market for Fair Trade farmers and artisans.

What songs would we sing?


Both traditional carols and the clever, amusing, fabulous Fair Trade carols submitted to Global Exchange’s Fair Trade Holiday Song Contest during the Summer of 2008. A Songbook is included in the Toolkit and there are additional songs you can print out from the website.


When should we sing?


Anytime in December, but we encourage you to consider caroling during the first two weeks of December, in order to invite people to purchase their gifts Fair Trade during holiday shopping.


Download the Caroling toolkit today!


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