Millions Will Not Receive Jobless Benefit Extension Unless Congress Acts

On November 19, the New York Times reported:


About one million laid-off workers will see their unemployment benefits end in January unless Congress acts quickly to renew existing federally paid extensions, according to a new survey and legislators and state officials. (


Congress passed an extension of emergency benefits that was signed into law on November 6. The extension was to provide up to 14 weeks of federally paid aid to unemployed persons who had already exhausted state and federal limits, but in the process failed to note that the extension was added to several previous extensions scheduled to end on December 31. Those who will not exhaust existing limits before December 31 will not be eligible for the extension.

The Times reports that discussions have started but no specific proposal has emerged. If Congress doesn’t act before its Christmas break, millions will face a gap in assistance that they thought would be automatic.


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