Join the Global Frackdown: Sign the Petition, Plan and/or Participate in Actions on September 22

From Food and Water Watch (

Food and Water Watch is fighting back against the oil and gas industry’s lies, their ruthless pursuit of profits at the expense of our health, and their millions of dollars spent on misleading advertising, bought science, and court settlements that leave families legally obligated to keep the harmful effects of fracking and drilling a secret. They’re fighting back with the Global Frackdown. On September 22nd, thousands of people across the world will be joining together to call for a ban on fracking. Will you join by signing the petition at

As just one person, it’s easy to feel small in the face of such huge opposition, but when we join together to protect our communities and our environment from this industry, we are powerful.

This fall, we’ll demonstrate our power by coordinating hundreds of actions against fracking all over the world. Concerned citizens are coming together to stand unified against the oil and gas industry’s lies and to show broad-based support for a ban on fracking. Go to to join this international day of action, find out about events in your area, and learn how you can get involved!

Mark your calendar for the Global Frackdown: Saturday, September 22nd, and stay tuned to hear about events happening in your area, or for more information on how you can create your own action.

Take the first step today, and sign the Global Frackdown petition:

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