Be Careful What You Cut—Protecting Children from Budget Cuts

From the Children’s Defense Fund (

Did you know we launched a new campaign to protect children from budget cuts? The Be Careful What You Cut campaign ( is grounded in three provocative print advertisements that make the economic case for protecting investments in children and drive home a clear message: “Cutting children from the budget now will cost all of us later.” For instance, in this ad the focus is on early education. The text says, “eliminating early education investments now would increase his chances of going to prison later by up to 39 percent. Paying for that prison will cost us nearly three times more a year than it would have cost to provide him with a quality early learning experience.”  It’s a simple calculation, really. Protect now or pay later. Check out the ads at the link above.

The new website has tools for you to help us spread the word and make the case for children in your community. You can customize the campaign for your social networks, raise awareness in your local media, ask questions in town hall meetings and visits with your political candidates, and get the most up-to-date news and action you can take to protect federal investments in children. Learn more and get involved to protect children over corporations and babies over billionaires.

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