News Posts—July 27, 2012

Here are news articles posted since the previous News and Action Summary:

Heeding God’s Call Calls Latest Colorado Massacre ‘Too Predictable’:

Can We Please Have an Honest Debate About Guns Now?:

PA’s Job Growth Advantage Over Other States Slipping Away as State Budget Cuts Yield Pink Slips:

Health Care Law Now Cheaper, Won’t Cover as Many People:

Medicare Patients Have Few Complaints:

Chris Hedges on Capitalism’s ‘Sacrifice Zones’:

Study: New Medicaid Expansion Could be a Lifesaver:

Poverty Issue Missing on the Presidential Campaign Trail:

Want A Real Recovery? Raise the Minimum Wage:

The Minimum Wage is so Low, it’s Immoral—Here’s Why:

Council Press Statement on Raising the Minimum Wage:

Raise Minimum Wage to Raise America:

Pennsylvania Municipality Support for Legal Challenge to Act 13 Growing:

Pennsylvania Dealing with Warm-ageddon in Summer 2012:

PA Wind Industry: Wrong Time for Crunch Time:

Pennsylvanians Share Attitudes on Renewable Energy:

Study: Decline In Arctic Sea Ice Up To 95% Man-Made:

Corporation that Paid Nothing in Taxes for Four Years Tells Congress it Pays Too Much in Taxes:

Who Deserves a Tax Break?:

An Easy Way to Fix Democracy?:

PA Poll Says Voters Want to See Legislators Voting Records:

PA Legislative Per Diems Viewed by Legislators as “Part of Compensation Package”:

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