Act to Protect Children in 2013

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As a result of a congressional agreement passed last year, and the failure of Congress to make a long-term deal on spending and taxes, hundreds of children’s programs are facing massive cuts starting on January 1st of next year. Many in Congress are decrying the planned cuts to the military, but little attention has been paid to what will happen to programs that promote the health, safety, and education of children. The New York Times had an excellent piece on this last week.

Here are some examples of the cuts children and their families will have to deal with:

  • 75,000 children would not be able to receive Head Start services
  • 25,000 children could not attend safe and educational child care, putting an enormous burden on low-income working parents
  • Community Health Centers, the sole provider of health coverage to millions of children, that serve children would lose $55 million, cutting off health care and ending jobs in hundreds of communities
  • Nearly 20,000 youth would not receive job training
  • 1.5 million low-income students in elementary and secondary schools would be harmed by program cuts, and more than 16,000 teachers and other staff would lose their jobs
  • 460,000 special education students would receive fewer or no services, and 12,500 special education staff would lose their jobs
  • 1.3 million college students would lose or face reductions in their supplemental education grants
  • 734,000 households, many with children and young adults, would no longer receive help paying for their home heating or air conditioning

And earlier this year, the House passed a budget that would do even more harm including ending the Social Services Block Grant that provides states with $1.7 billion annually to address child abuse and neglect, along with many other things.

Last week, Senators Patty Murray of Washington and John McCain of Arizona passed an amendment to compel the Office of Management and Budget and the Department of Defense to deliver a report on the impact of all of the planned reductions. Please contact your Representative and tell her/him two things:

  • You oppose these cuts to children’s programs that go into effect next year
  • You oppose efforts to eliminate the cuts to the Defense Department and keep the cuts to children’s programs

Find contact information for your Representative at

Many of these issues will be decided after the election, so you need to make your voice heard now and to keep making it heard through November. Please go to to read our report that shows you How to Make Your Vote Count.

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