Global Warming Threatens a Great River—July 24, Harrisburg


WHAT: Come join us for an evening of discussion about how global warming is affecting our natural resources, and in particular, that great smallmouth bass fishery in the Susquehanna River.  We’ll have delicious ice cream, sodas and snacks!  Afterwards, take in a Harrisburg Senators’ baseball game with us.

WHERE:  Riverside Pavilion on Harrisburg’s City Island.  This is a covered pavilion located on the east side of the Washington Senator’s stadium, right next to the Susquehanna River.

WHEN:  Tuesday, July 24, 2012, from 5:30 – 7:00pm


  • Andy Shiels, Deputy Director for Field Operations, PA Fish and Boat Commission
  • George Jugovic, President of Citizens for Pennsylvania’s Future
  • Rev. Sandy Strauss, Director of Advocacy, PA Council of Churches
  • Ed Perry, Outreach Coordinator and avid bass angler, National Wildlife Federation

WHY: Since 2005, over 90 miles of the middle Susquehanna River have been devastated by repeat kills of smallmouth bass.  Everything from Prozac, to fertilizer, to chicken manure is being blamed for causing the kills, but the fact is, the dying started in the hottest year, of the hottest decade on record.  It appears that global warming may be the final straw that is breaking these fish.

Due to the reproductive capacity of fish, the river could be teeming with fish again under the right circumstances.  But it is clear that our country is embarked on a great experiment.  We are willing to continue spewing out industrial carbon pollution unabated and allow our natural resources to suffer, because our elected representatives refuse to take action.

And it’s not just the Susquehanna River being threatened by global warming.  All across our country, our natural resources are already being affected by our rapidly warming climate.

Fortunately, the Environmental Protection Agency is beginning the process of reducing industrial carbon pollution through their rules on mercury emissions, fuel efficiency standards for new cars and trucks, and new sources of industrial carbon pollution.  But already, the fossil fuel industry and its allies in congress are trying to stop EPA.

Please come to join the discussion about this great river in peril, and how we can work together to pass legislation that will reduce greenhouse gas pollution, the primary cause of climate change.

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