Outreach and Engagement of Homeless Youth—July 20, Webinar

Title:  Outreach and Engagement of Homeless Youth

Time:  Friday,July 20th at 10a.m.

Presenters:  Shane Burroughs, Street Outreach Program Coordinator, Bucks County Valley Youth House and Leigh Howard, Diana T. Myers & Associates, Inc.

This training is designed to prepare communities to identify and count homeless youth during the August 15th unsheltered point-in-time count of the homeless.  The presentation will include:

  • An explanation of HUD’s “youth” definition
  • A summary of the US Interagency Council on Homelessness’ proposed framework for ending youth homelessness
  • An overview of the activities of the State’s Ad Hoc Committee on Homeless Youth
  • A review of the youth-focused questions added to the Interview Forms for the August 15th unsheltered point-in-count of the homeless
  • Identifying and locating homeless youth in preparation for the August unsheltered point-in-time count
  • Engaging homeless youth
  • Safety tips for conducting the unsheltered point-in-time count
  • And more

To register, please send your name and contact information to pahomelesscount@dma-housing.com.

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